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Below we have two options for advertising on our directory. You can choose the free link exchange listing. All you need to do is list us on your website and we will list you on our directory. Because this is a free option 1 you will be listed in order of first company registered will be the first company showing in the list. There are only 15 listings to each page, so if 15 companies list before you, your listing will show on the next page in that category. If you want better exposure you will need to pick the paid option 2 . Your listing will then have a bigger advertisement, with pictures and will show above all other option 1 listings, in alphabetical order. As well as advertising on our directory you might want to choose a banner advertisement, which would give you massive exposure. Please check below of the options and then click on the list my company button.

Company Name and some keywords linked to your website - and you can have a small description about the service you provide.
Website Address goes here

Option 1.
Free link exchange option.

Company name and some keywords linked to your website
Small description of the service you provide goes here.
For a live example CLICK HERE
Your email is also protected with an eform.
You also get a screen shot of your website W200 pixels by H140 pixels
and when the mouse goes over the picture it enlarges to a picture you upload to us.
For an example put your mouse over the image.
Visit website Tel - 0000 0000 0000 Email this company
Option 2.
20 lifetime paid option.

This is an affordable way to get your company details across to customers looking for your service.
Banner advertising.
10 a month paid option.

Free link exchange service.