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HTML code tips page lesson one .
Basic html rule.
In all cases html has an open tag < >
In most cases html needs a closing tag after an opening tag < / >
So for example, if you have a head tag, the opening tag to it is like this <head>
Then don't forget to close it like this </head>
Now between the opening tag and the closing tag, you can place other code, however we will explain this later on.

The basic html page rule.
All html pages are set with this layout.

<title> </title>


You can use a program like notepad to create a webpage, but remember when saving your webpage always save as a html file, otherwise you will not create a webpage.
You will notice above we have 2 html tags . The opening html tag must always be at the top and the closing tag always at the bottom. Then we have 2 head tags . The head tags are what you could call the frame of your page. When you open a website at the top of your screen you can see a blue section with normally the website's name, this is the head area. The title tags are the name area of the head section (the website's name). The area within the head and the title tags is important, because depending on your title and meta tags is depending how search engines look at your website. We will talk about meta tags later on. Next are 2 body tags . These are your canvas ( the website page you see on the screen) like a picture. All the information and pictures you want people to see go between the body tags. Let's use notepad. If you open up your start menu - all programs - accessories - notepad , we can create a blank webpage. Once notepad is open copy the code above onto your notepad page. Once you have done that click file - save as - save your page as something in the file name i'm going pick home and save it as html so for example home.html For now just save this page to your desktop, later on we will create folders.
Congratulations you have created your first webpage. Ok it is a white screen however it is a website page.
If you are happy with lesson one you can now click to LESSON TWO If you want source codes CLICK HERE
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