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Logo's and Advertisment banners

We can design for you a company logo or an advertisment banner, to go onto your website or maybe even on an external website, like a link exchange or even a website you have paid to advertise you.

Prices for these banners go from 50 depending on size. We can create Gif animated banners, still banners, or even flash banners. If you want a flash banner visit the flash page. Flash banners are more expensive.

CLICK HERE to request a logo & advertising banner

Below are banner examples for the headers of your websites. If you do not see a banner example that you prefer, you can always request us to build you a banner to your specification. We are here to build and solve your websites digital graphic needs. CLICK HERE to request a banner.

We found this neat bit of code to make reflection images. Copy the code below.

We can build you a banner from only 25. We will look at your website and create a banner to suit your website's needs, or you can tell us what you want and we will work on creating it.
Logo's width=100 x height=100 cost from 25
Advertisment banners width=468 x height=60 cost from 50
Head page banners width=800 x height=150 cost from 80
Below are some banners we have created already, starting with advert banners & then head banners.
add pictures and gif animation to flash up your banner
We can build a flash banner but a flash banner is more expensive and prices start from 150. Visit the flash page for more details.

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