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Backgrounds page.

Here is a free disco background we found. This bit of code will change colours on the body of your page.

Insert the code to the left into the head of your webpage.

Then add this into your body tag

<body onload="disco()">

If you just want some colour in the body of your website you can simply add colour into the body tag.
<body bgcolor="#******"> *place your desired colour between the speech marks CLICK HERE for ideas.
Below are some backgrounds you can place on your websites. These are free just right click and save picture as into your folder where your website is located. Then add the background into your body tag.
Like this <body background="discobg.gif">
We have got loads more backgrounds these are just a few. If you want just under 4,000 more backgrounds and loads of gif animation you can order them for just 5.
CLICK HERE to order more backgrounds. Once we have received your payment we will send you the backgrounds via electronic mail.

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