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Placing the baby’s crib

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So, your bundle of joy is finally arriving soon and you have already readied up the nursery to welcome your newborn in your home and your life. Among many things in a baby’s nursery the most important one is the crib. The first step I recommend is reading crib reviews that will help you to choose the best product for your needs and budget. The second stage is finding the right place to put a crib ( this can be a matter of argument between the future mom and dad). If you two are still not able to get an amiable consensus on this issue, let me help you with a few key factors to consider. I am sure you will be able to sort out this problem after reading through my written thoughts.


  • Place the crib in a well ventilated room to ensure that the baby’s space gets regular flow of fresh air.
  • Do not place the crib just next to a wall. You should be able to move around on all sides of the crib to handle the baby easily. This will also make sure that your baby is safe from a wall crawling insect accidently falling in the crib.
  • Keep the baby crib about two meters away from the window. This way you will protect you baby from the direct sunlight. An accidental crash of the window pane will not be good for the baby. Some of you may be living in an area frequented by thunderstorms or lightening. If such is your case, then it could be very frightening for your baby who is lying in crib just near the window.
  • Do not keep the crib near curtains, hanging cords or any other kind of hanging support. Babies grow really fast and develop new skills with each passing day. You will never know when your baby has learnt to climb out of the crib with the help of a curtain or any other support for that matter. Moreover curtains are a hub of dust and other allergens. A baby having an easy access to curtain is prone to acquire an allergy.
  • No direct light should fall on the crib, because it may get a bit uncomfortable to a sleeping baby


So, these are some suggestions about where not to put the baby crib. You must keep the crib in the middle of room away from any hanging chandeliers or fans, to be easily accessible from all sides. Keep a few colorful toys hanging above the crib to let your baby look at them if she wakes up in the middle of night and your sleep.




Which Company Makes The Best Washers And Dryers?

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The market of washers and dryers have some great options to buy a suitable washing machine. The range is vast and it can confuse buyers as to which brand of washer and dryer to invest in. One of the best things to do in such scenarios is to understand your needs and choose the best machine based on the services, functionality, features and models these brands have to offer.

If you’re not really concerned about saving on energy or water, then there are a number of brands that can help to clean your clothes effectively, but if energy or water is something you’d like to save on, then there are a number of brands that stress upon manufacturing environment friendly, energy, water and detergent saving washers and dryers. Among numerous makers of washers and dryers, IFB has earned reputation for producing world class washers and dryers in both front loading and top loading categories of washing machines.


I have used four washer and dryers till date. I find my current IFB washer and dryer, the most efficient and effective in performance and savings. Here are some of the reasons why I find IFB better in comparison to other brands.


As far as functionality is concerned all IFB washers and dryers are characterized by innovative Deep Clean technology with Triadic Pulsator and Crescent Moon Drum in both front and top loading models. In addition to these, its washers come with some outstanding features like Aqua Energie, Aqua Spa Therapy, 3D and 4D Wash for cleansing the clothes deeply and safely.


In current age the environmental pollution is rising speedily. IFB manufactures washing machine that save the environment from further pollution by conserving the water and power consumption. These machines are designed to minimize the use of detergent as well.

Gentle care of clothes

The IFB machines lead all the brands in giving a sparkling clean look to your clothes and also ensures that the clothes do not get damaged. These machines help in controlling lint, protect the fibers and remove the hardest dirt and spots while washing.

Washing load


IFB knows that different home users have different needs in terms of washing loads. For those with big families and everyday laundry, a 9.5 kg load washing machine is a good option. For small family a 6.5 Kg load will be just perfect. All others can choose a washer and dryer in this range according to their laundry demands.

Superior features

IFB machines have some of the best features expected in a washing machine like Voltage Protection, Intelligent Wash Settings, Memory Backup, Imbalance Handling mechanism, Handling voltage fluctuations, Air Bubble Wash System, Foam Control Mechanism and Protective Mesh against rats.

Pleasing Exteriors

While the IFB machines give strong competition to other brands in terms of innovative and revolutionary features, these washing appliances do not compromise on the exteriors as well. You would get some of the sleekest designs in attractive colors and shapes to fit your home décor as well as space availability.

Warranty and services

IFB is the only brand that promises up to 4 years warranty on its washing machine models and a good 10 years spares support to its customers. The well-spread IFB service network ensures a prompt service, when you need it the most.


All you need to know about cyclonic vacuum cleaners work

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Ever since their existence, the vacuum cleaners have become an indispensable home appliance for most people, and it’s understandable why. Imagine the amount of effort we have to put while picking all the dust out of the carpet by hand! In recent times, vacuum cleaners have become a necessity. With their fast cleaning features and ability to clean every corner of the house or office, vacuum cleaners are one of the most useful home appliances.

Every other person in the world wishes to reduce his or her work and this appliance has proven itself by becoming the most common and effective in reducing the amount of time one has to put in cleaning. Over the recent years, they have transformed the cleaning ability of humans.

The cyclonic vacuum cleaners lack the dirt collecting bag available in traditional systems. Instead it sends the air stream through one or more cylinders followed by a high – speed spiral path. This results in a pressure difference, thus allowing the dust particles to pass through the pipe directly into the dust cap. The suction is created by an air pump called partial vacuum. Cyclonic action spins dust away from the filter so suction power remains strong. This is why cyclonic vacuums are considered the perfect choice for tile floors.

Initially, the air enters through the brush present at the bottom. The air enters the first stage and spins around the cyclone in the middle. The dirt particles eddy to the edge, fall downward and get collected at the bottom while the air is drawn up through holes in the cyclone itself. Then to some extent cleaner air passes into the second or upper stage. Here, a similar course of action happens but with multiple and lesser cyclones to makes sure that even the tiniest dirt particles are removed from the cleaning area. The moderately clean air passes through the HEPA filter. The air blows back into the room after fleeting through a second HEPA filter.



Why should we buy a cyclonic vacuum cleaner?

  • They remain operational for longer time with efficiency due to the presence of six stage filtration.
  • They possess a compact design which enables us to save our treasured space. These vacuum cleaners are ideal for the people who reside in small apartments.
  • The components of cyclonic vacuum cleaners can be easily removed, cleaned and replaced as well.
  • Availability in the translucent canister design is of a great help as we get to monitor the dust collection. Without opening the whole system you can check for the need to clean the filled collecting cup.