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Which Company Makes The Best Washers And Dryers?

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The market of washers and dryers have some great options to buy a suitable washing machine. The range is vast and it can confuse buyers as to which brand of washer and dryer to invest in. One of the best things to do in such scenarios is to understand your needs and choose the best machine based on the services, functionality, features and models these brands have to offer.

If you’re not really concerned about saving on energy or water, then there are a number of brands that can help to clean your clothes effectively, but if energy or water is something you’d like to save on, then there are a number of brands that stress upon manufacturing environment friendly, energy, water and detergent saving washers and dryers. Among numerous makers of washers and dryers, IFB has earned reputation for producing world class washers and dryers in both front loading and top loading categories of washing machines.


I have used four washer and dryers till date. I find my current IFB washer and dryer, the most efficient and effective in performance and savings. Here are some of the reasons why I find IFB better in comparison to other brands.


As far as functionality is concerned all IFB washers and dryers are characterized by innovative Deep Clean technology with Triadic Pulsator and Crescent Moon Drum in both front and top loading models. In addition to these, its washers come with some outstanding features like Aqua Energie, Aqua Spa Therapy, 3D and 4D Wash for cleansing the clothes deeply and safely.


In current age the environmental pollution is rising speedily. IFB manufactures washing machine that save the environment from further pollution by conserving the water and power consumption. These machines are designed to minimize the use of detergent as well.

Gentle care of clothes

The IFB machines lead all the brands in giving a sparkling clean look to your clothes and also ensures that the clothes do not get damaged. These machines help in controlling lint, protect the fibers and remove the hardest dirt and spots while washing.

Washing load


IFB knows that different home users have different needs in terms of washing loads. For those with big families and everyday laundry, a 9.5 kg load washing machine is a good option. For small family a 6.5 Kg load will be just perfect. All others can choose a washer and dryer in this range according to their laundry demands.

Superior features

IFB machines have some of the best features expected in a washing machine like Voltage Protection, Intelligent Wash Settings, Memory Backup, Imbalance Handling mechanism, Handling voltage fluctuations, Air Bubble Wash System, Foam Control Mechanism and Protective Mesh against rats.

Pleasing Exteriors

While the IFB machines give strong competition to other brands in terms of innovative and revolutionary features, these washing appliances do not compromise on the exteriors as well. You would get some of the sleekest designs in attractive colors and shapes to fit your home d├ęcor as well as space availability.

Warranty and services

IFB is the only brand that promises up to 4 years warranty on its washing machine models and a good 10 years spares support to its customers. The well-spread IFB service network ensures a prompt service, when you need it the most.